People who think like us

We are not alone. Many people and organisations are now questioning the very essence of marketing practice and ethics, way beyond it’s casual sexism, racism, ageism, presenteeism, unrepresentativeness of the wider population and inequality. Not to mention its ethical agnosticism.

Here are some of them fighting for similar causes.

(They are not in any way officially affiliated with us, we just like what they’re doing).

  • Centre for Humane Technology:
  • Purpose Disruptors:
  • ChangeTheBrief:
  • New Citizenship Project:
  • New Weather Institute (Badvertising):
  • Climate Files (how oil companies distorted the truth about climate impact):
  • Centre for Science in the Public Interest (on Alex Buguski’s Coke ad spoof):
  • Thomas Kolster’s Goodvertising site:
  • National Association for Environmental Education:
  • Naomi Klein:
  • George Monbiot:
  • Mariana Mazzucato: